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QueenPammie / Apr 07, 2016

We are the Stormborm Hellfire Drakes, your illustrious and rather noisy leader, Queen Pammie, presides. Our guild was created to be filled with TESO players who are fun to have around, game well, and work even better as a team.

THE RED PROGRAM Initiative, now in full swing, aims to paint the Map of Cyrodiil in a lovely scarlet glow. Failure, is not an option.

There are some Polls on the top right, lets find out which CAMPAIGN (<CLICK HERE>) everybody would like, and IMPORTANT THINGS (<CLICK HERE>) is some informational questionnaire i think we could all use the answers to.

Currently, Blackwater Blade Campaign is everybodies favourite, although this is changing slowly ^ please participate in the poll ^ and read the forums for input.

Our Veteran Campaign is currently undecided, I'd prefer to see us move Haderus as a Guild for one week, before committing to a 30 day. It's time we pushed a Stormborn member to emperor as well, we need someone who is online daily for a week and spends at least 8 hours ingame... send me mails!

PUG additions ONLY when we need numbers for zerging, and no shame in booting non SHDs to make space for guildies, be polite about it ofc, otherwise we might never have people joining us again! But ultimately i see us being large enough to not stress about that.

Have a gander at the Forums and Roolz linked above.

^^^ ALL SUGGESTION COMMENTS AND THAT NONSENSE^^^ I listen to all, but don't be irritated if I go another way ;) i need input from you guys, but remember, I'm running this guild with two primary goals *1* Fun non stressed madness AND *2* We fucking win shit.


Nos Enim Mori - We Live to Die