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Queen thingy
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Alright, many many many different LIVE circumstances call for realtime amendments, no plan is foolproof, but here is my layout with my current experience for a fast and speedy assault.

(1) Form a group - Preferably guys who can follow orders in the heat of battle, and/or have sufficient experience to know what to do when

(2) Assign 2 teams, primary siege and primary DEF/SUPPORT. Ideally when DEF is called, we should have enough on squad 2 to respond and repel, but if needs be all on sieges should be able to get off and respond to immediate threat.

(3) Buy sieges. How many times you pitched up on the other side of the map with 1 Ballistae and an Oil Pot? ALL buy MINIMUM three Stone/Fire Trebs. You need 16 trebs, and 4 fire balls/meat/scatter cats. Rams are optional per situation (20 trebs works too!)

(4) Get there, stealthy like and fast. Move your team using waypoints, WAY off the direct line between yourself and your objective, all should hit stealth the second they arrive at a waypoint, wait for group and new movement orders. Think about sending a GOOD scout ahead to find any weak points on the walls and check for other groups. Another option is to have said scout prep the walls, ie start sieging with 3 trebs to get wall to 55%.

(5) On arrival, if you don't have a scout already there, gauge your situation. Are there any walls already partially damaged? Is there already a siege underway? Are the enemy rallying to go take one of yours? Decide whether to join existing, move to a secondary, return for defense or hide in a bush.

(6) Choose a wall that has two (2) too twit toowhoo things firstly, loads of FLAT land in front, and secondly preferably buffered by walls to limit incoming. Chalman North is a perfect example, there are only 2 incoming routes, although limited flat space. Other option is to buffer yourself against a resource, such as BRK Mine. Or at Rayles you can take the mine and sit IN it while you rain death down on the keep below, same at Arrius.

(7) Decide if resources are worth it. Invariably, tagging a resource alerts enemy, lowering your time to deal damage before their response. Times when this is negated would typically be when you can take all THREE resources very quickly, thereby making it impossible to teleport to the keep, or if the walls are prepped/about to be tagged you can nab a resource quickly if there is no heat. Or when you are very close to the resource, such BRK or ALESSIA Mine, then you can use it as a buffer.

(8) Set up sieges. your Siegers should have min 2 preferably 3 trebs each. They can run between them, thereby maximising defense team, all focus on the same wall part, never the door unless you are RAMing the main gate. If using a RAM, 6 men need to be on it and trebs do work against the door. With a small team, have your chaps run between the trebs and the ram while the trebs reload. I've taken Brindle this way in under 3mins with an 8 man team.

Each keep has a range around it limiting the amount of siege engines place-able per alliance to 20. For pities sake, use trebs for walls, not ballistae. It is better to have 8 guys each running 2/3 trebs and have the rest of the team stay stealthed waiting for defense, than to have a full 20 men each on one siege.

*<CAVEAT>* A few keeps, such as ALESWELL North, up on the terraces, are siege-able from OUTSIDE the siege count range! This means you can stuff up MORE than 20 trebs! On top of this, you will be 100% out of range of enemy counter sieges.

Use this 2 ways. 1) Maxed out speed siege 2) Sneaky bastard siege < when you see a keep flagged, you can see how many sieges are active from which alliances by looking at the map, if an enemy keep has been tagged by you, they can then check and see OMFG 20 sieges! aaaah and will all come running. If, however, you have 0 sieges showing up, the enemy will ofc presume you are tagging as a distraction, and either will delay arriving at all, or only pitch up 2 or 3 guys.

!!!USE SIEGE SHIELDS IF UNDER ATTACK!!! I've taken to swapping my Rapid Maneuver with Siege Shield on arrival of keep assaults.

An option here that i like, set a few flush against the outer, and get them to target the inner, HOLD on 55% and then flatten the outer and move back to the inner. TAGs occur, ie the keep is flagged as under attack on the map, when a wall falls below 50%. The idea being to minimise your time under fire once/if a defense response is encountered. This can also be done simultaneously for an incredibly effiecient stealthy high speed keep take. Ie inner first for tag then outer, so inner sieges while switch to outer as needed.

(9) Once you have dropped the outer, if on RAM move smoothly to next gate, if heading for postern door (either as primary plan, or secondary if OIL and defenders have made main gate not viable) mount the tower closest to your breach, giving you a buffer on the breach side as no enemies can approach you and the tower has many mount points, try to avoid mounting on the ground except directly in front of the gate.

*DEFENCE* the other benefit of stuffing people on towers and on walls adjacent, is you only have to guard the steps, and incoming on one wall, Magelight both sides and archers scattering AoE and NOBODY is getting past you short of a Zerg, which almost never happens. Of course you are easily peppered with defensive siege fire (Stack Siege Shields!!!) and can only get 2 on roof and maybe 6 on sides, but if your team is small > this is the way.

(10) After dropping the inner, if heavy defense > have meat and fire on the breach, draw the npcs to the breach and kill them there. Defenders will be returning siege by oiling and meat/fire on the breach as well if they are there, hold until you wiped the NPCS, then extend your sieges onto them, throw up SIEGE SHIELDS on the breach and rush all units UPSTAIRS. While this is happening, and even while the walls are gettgin hit, set up FIREPOTS on the walls to the side of the breach, and fire ballistae with meatbags on the towers. These guys are counter siegeing the defenenders. Have them cluster fuck the oilpots while they are trying to wipe your guys heading in the breach, good timing can get you in without being hit once. Once upstairs, start to oil any leftover NPCs and defenders yourself, wipe them out then camp the flags.

If no defenders > Storm the first flag, healers hide behind walls, camp flag till it drops > hit 2nd > tadaaa.

(11) Congratulations! You have a keep! But its not over! Immediately get all to repair the outer breach first, blocking responders and securing it for yourself. Consider sending a group to the outer breach BEFORE the 2nd flag drops, you only need 4 guys on the flag really to flip it max speed. THEN the inner. Patrol for enemy hiding by moving in a 2 groups counter and clockwise around the walls using AoE all over the show, then sit back and have a Guar burger and some Netch Beer!
#12067243 Feb 15, 2016 at 03:18 PM
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I also want to say, that we can send one or two guys to prepare some walls UNOTICED so we can get them faster when we arrive. Also to tag an other fort to cut the line of teleporting and make the way to reinforce longer. The last thig i want to say is, that i read something about the resources reinforcing walls and gates >>> so if we take resources the walls will fall faster. But don't know if it's really true.
#12097986 Feb 24, 2016 at 09:30 AM
Queen thingy
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Tagging being when a keeps icon on the map is flagged and starts glowing, meaning it is Under Attack and has a wall on or under 50%.

Tactically tagging can be very useful, most common is to take or tag an outpost with a small group just as or before a full assault hits the keep behind it, so if DC has Chalman, we would cut them at Bleakers.

Other use for tagging is distraction, a single person running 3 sieges or 3 people running 9 would be more effective.

Red_Fang also makes a very cool point, PREPARING walls, usually a keep back from the main lines, like Dragon or Drake can have its inner and outer wall brought to 55% ( just before tag ) and left like that unnoticed. This clearly speeds up your assault, and speed keeps us alive ;)

Other point was the resources vs Keep strength, in another article i mention this but for continuity sake : LUMBER = Gate , MINE = Wall , FARM = NPC (guards) , there are 5 levels of strength and you need to hold the resources for about 20-30mins for level 5 to generate, each few minutes you DONT have the resource, those levels drop slowly back to 1. It essentially adds health, armor and recovery time. So yes taking a mine will deplete the Wall strength, but its probably going to take longer than a successfully quick siege.
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