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I'm now on my bazilionth? campaign, we normally win with a good gap and I have had best placement at 5th on the leaderboard.

Campaign points tick over every hour, all points giving objectives are totaled on that hour and added to score. All objectives, outposts, keeps, resources and scrolls count 1 (one) point. Most campaigns, all the above are points giving, but there are resource, keep and home keep only campaigns. Its worth noting that although all objectives earn you the same points, they give very different PLAYER STAT bonuses, Home Keeps and Scrolls being the highest.

All enemy player kills, defense of keeps, and taking keeps count on a ticker towards further points, personal and global, but this is miniscule compared to Keep, Scroll and resource bonuses.

>Worth mentioning here, personal AP is awarded when you are in RANGE of an activity, doesn't matter if grouped or solo, and if you are in a group a nearby kill BY your group gets you extra AP than if you were simply in range and solo.

When an objective gets tagged, its points marker is enabled. If you are in range 30 seconds AFTER it loses its tag, you get the DEFENDED or CAPTURED AP for that objective. At this point ALL kills, whether you were in range and got AP or not, counted on that objective, are tallied and shared with the group. So 10 kills by one person get say, 100 points, but 10 kills by a 10 man squad, each get 10 points.<there is a sliding scale for increased points with incresed group size, but this is changing and i couldnt find exact numbers>

There are 6 home keeps per alliance, each with 3 resources, and 2 scrolls per alliance. Scrolls are accessed by the opposing faction by opening the gate protecting them, you need both the keep outside the gate, and its nearest central link. So for us losing both Kingcrest and Farragut would only allow Scroll access to Chim, and Ghartok if Arrius fell. Its also worth noting that it doesn't matter which of the other 2 own it, as long as its NOT ours, ie AD has Kings and DC has Arrius will still open the Chim gate.

So we have 18 Keeps, 6 Scrolls and 48 Resources on the map. Typically each alliance will then earn at default, 6+2+18=26 points per hourly tick. This means that of nothing changes and all sides dont gain or lose a single keep, each alliance would get 4368 points end of the week. Losing 3 keeps, but holding 12 of their resources on tickover, will give us more points than them (need clarification on how long you need to hold the objective DURING the hourly tickover for it to qualify). It is typically, however, easier to hold keep adjacent resources than resources in enemy territory, but something to bare in mind.

***So here's the goal*** essentially you want to own more objectives of any kind, than the other two factions for longer than them, over the 7 or 30 days campaign period.

To achieve this, we either spend our time simply holding the line, or by pushing them back. The simplest and safest way would be (imho) to hold the 2 road gates to the west, and three bridges to the south, problem with the Northern Gate and lower two bridges, is if a wipe occurs, the hoard will spill into our territory and could go anywhere, but this would be very effective if executed well.

And the the best defense, of course, is offence. So we send our guys in for sorties to take and hold as long as possible a single keep or resource. There are, of course many ways to skin a banana and even more to stomp a smurf.

*WIP > More coming
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