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*Work In Progress* <things not immediately obvious to first time, or even long term players>

<<Terms Used>>
Toon = Player Character
AoE = Area of Affect
Trebs = Trebuchette
Ball = Ballistae
Cat = Catapult
SP = Skill Points
CP = Champion Points
Cunt = somebody Pamie doesn't like
TP = Transport (using shrine)
NPC = Non Player Character (all the others, not players)
HtH = Hand to Hand (combat on the ground)
CC = Crowd Control or "freezing" an enemy
CD = Cooldown, usually refering to an abilities time before it can be used again.
PvP = Player versus Player
PvE = Player versus Environment (fighting NPCs)
KZ = Killzone
RES = Resurrect
AD = Aldemeri Dominion / Bananaaaas
DC = DaggerfallCovernanty / Smurfs
EP = Ebonhart Pact / My Red Devils
DPS = Damage dealing character (damage per second)
rDPS = Ranged DPS - Spells, bows, sieges even.
mDPS = Melee DPS - Swords axes and headbutts.
Tank = Draws threats, is shielded, and is a high damage absorbing character

> how and where to buy sieges <
The Quartermasters are your siege merchants, the first one you experience is at the Gate on arrival during the siege tutorial. There are 3 other locations to find them (3.5)

Every KEEP has one, in small keeps and Outposts he is at the left rear door after entering the main gate, in larger keeps he is also at the left rear door but next to the wayshrine.

Every Resource has one, little trickier to spot as resources have variued layouts, but essentially you have a Flag, a Tower, then like a shed/barn, he's always there.
The .5 location is the Wandering Merchant, each faction section has a few of these travelling between keeps and you will often find them in the middle of nowhere, im sure there must be a mod to find them buuut...fukit.

> why and what sieges to buy <
There are 6 siege types. Trebuchettes, Ballistae, Catapults, Rams and Oil.
RAMs can ONLY be used on main gates, once set up they can take a maximum of 6 people, depicted onscreen and when full will hit the gate every 20 seconds or so for huge damage. Less people, less frequent.

OIL needs to be setup on a buttress and will drop flaming high damage oil down into an AoE zone when used.

BALLISTAE and TREBUCHETTEs come in multiple varietes. Trebs are slower and higher damage as well as longer range and higher arc (you can shoot over things easier) wheres balls are higher rate of fire, faster shot delivery (harder to dodge) and lower damage. Trebs are suited for structural damage and balls for players, but both work either way, however, ALWAYS try use stone trebs for wall damage(4k per hit vs 1k for a fire ball), The types are :

Ballistae / Stone Trebs: highest wall and gate damage

Fire(pot) : Burn damage to players and structures, DMG over time.

Ice/Lightning : Ensares target damages magicka and health.

CATAPULTS are in the middle of the above two, nearly with a Ballistae rate and work in an AoE manner, the higher you have placed your Cat - the larger the AoE zone. They have unique roles :
MEATBAG does medium damage, but retard all healing done to a target, paired with a Fire ball, its lethal.
OIL ensares and slows all in the target zone
SCATTERSHOT my personal favourite hurls bazillions ( i counted them) of little rocks into a large area, i've seen 12k x 6 Dmg from these (12 000 damage done to 6 players)

COLDFIRE PACT Trebs/balls are the most beautiful things you shall ever see, and can ONLY be gained from Cyrodiilian Dolmens. These have huge damage compared to their regular counterparts and not only do normal damage, but fire (time) and ice/lightning damage (snares and does magicka damage) I was getting 28.5k x 6 on a KZ once with my pretty little Coldfire ball until a sneakster somehow got inside and poured oil on both of us. I cursed a lot that day.

>placing sieges <
ok so firstly you need to find a flat spot. trebs take slightly larger areas than balls and cats, oil is tiny and should be placed over the grate inside gatehouses, or high on walls above potential breaches or gates. Rams go in front of gates but can be erected further out and walked into position, rams do provide protection from ranged weapons, but not from sieges so much (more later > use siege shield from the alliance SP line)

Your positioning depends on whether you are sieging, defending, or setting a trap/HtH PvP in the wild...

On sieges, you need to be in range of your target, and within the group, dont think you're clever to have found a spot on a hill or round the side of the keep that still allows you range for the target, you're gonna die. Alone. If command has called for inner before outer assault, you'll want to be close to the wall, otherwise you want to gauge the defenses and keep yourself out of defending sieges range/angle of attack preferably, usually bloody hard ;) Stone trebs take preference, balls and cats only if called for and then only for defence, ie smacking the guy off the walls or flattening incoming.

Final note > aiming. Always check for the weakest area, or hit where your commander has called. When you move your mouse around a green shot arc appears, and when on target information will appear on top of your screen, don't shoot unless you see this. Gates are simple, Walls are NAMED wall (not tower) and finally, NEVER hit the postern gate, it takes zero damage and can actually bug the wall from falling...

On OUTER WALL defense, we have two towers either end, this is ONLY for cats, why? Higher they are, wider their AoE on impact. Balls go on the wall, and trebs if needed, BEHIND the wall. A well set up and timed wall defense with 15-20 sieges can completely obliterate a medium size assault with badly organised zerg hurtling all over.

GATE defense includes the above but with and extra line of OIL immediately above the gate. OUTER walls have a gatehouse with grates inside them for this purpose, and you can put more on the roof. KEEPS/OUTPOSTS also have grates and a courtyard area that oils can be very effective around.

OUTER WALL BREACH when this happens, command will call at around 15% for all meat and fire balls to move to the grounds.Oil can be set up on either side of the breach, and minimum of 2 balls and cats , one pair firing in unison as the other pair reloads, can create a killzone impossible to pass, all ground units gather to the side of the breach and smack the fuck out of any who actually make it through. Only an incredibly well organised zerg with purge and a good heal/tank ratio will get through this. We held Bloodmayne for almost an hour in this manner and i still cant believe that enemy commander didn't try a 2nd breach at the same time. Idiot! ;)

INNER KEEP / OUTPOST defense, gates have been covered, but the enemy normally goes for the postern (side) doors. Oil at this point is only useful if there are idiots milling around in range, which is often, but you can get some scatter and fire on the roof and pelt them, this is usually quite futile as there is only space for 4 sieges on the roof.

INNER KEEP / OUTPOST BREACH here is the real defense for the inner, and can if well timed be near impossible to enter. The only time you're boned is if they breach the postern AND gate. Essentially we are doing a KZ again, on the first landing we have fire trebs, on the top landing we have meat and behind that meat a scatter. On the flag we have lightning or oil and opposite the breach at the other door another meat. You can also try stuff a 3rd fire or lightning on the 2nd flag but the angle is tricky. The sieges firing from the opposite landings will have tough time hitting the breach, but should really be trying to aim for the other sieges incase the zerg get through. OIL goes everywhere else, above the breach and above the other sieges to protect them.

As a side note, when they are focusing on the inner, its worth sending a pair of NBs out to try and stealth repair the outer breach. Breaches are repairable 1min after the last time they have been hit by something, worth noting if you are trying to STOP repairs while a squad is in transit, set up shoot once pack up and run > repeat :)

Another note is bugged sieges, it seems to be a lag orientated issue, so when setting up, avoid moving or doing anything else, if your siege is bugged, try mashing X to packup or leave it and re-enter, I've sometimes had mine work like 90 seconds after setting up...

> Sieges, using more than one at a time, degradation, and packing up <
Once placed, you will notice your siege has a health bar. This degrades in two ways. Every shot you take pushes this down a little, and if you abandon the poor little thing it gets lonely about 15 seconds after you exit it and loses about 20% health every 3 seconds. So dont do that.

This allows you to leave your siege for a short period of time to defend yourself, dodge incoming fire, or...go use another one! While your siege is reloading, trebs especially, theres nothing stopping you from running over to another one and using it. You can run 3 trebs, 3 oil, 2 cats or 2 balls as one person.

Each treb shot does around 1 percentage point of wall damage (a little more) so if there are 15 trebs up, the wall is at 5% and you have JUST taken a shot, now is the time to packup (or when command calls for it) packing is not quick, and should be done whenever possible, ONLY leave your baby behind when under attack, try get back after, but DONT try pickup otherwise not only will you be dead, but you're gonna lose the thing anyway.

>wayshrines and res lines
Unlike the rest of Tamriel, Teleporting to locations works through a transit network along set links. The Gates each have one, and every Keep and Outpost has one, however Outposts can only receive, not send you. These links are a glowing blue pedestal, not a large shrine like your're familiar with, at the gates its in the middle of a little circular courtyard and at the small keeps its immediately to your left as you enter the main gate, and the large keeps to the left as well but between the 1st and 2nd flags.

You need a minimum of ONE resource held to RES or TP to a Keep. Each keep on the map has a line connecting it, all inner home keeps have a small faction specific colored lock on them, this shows that no TP can be done over that link. For Example only AD can TP between Faregyl and Bloodmayne.

>how flags work
Each capturable structure has its allegiance defined by the flag it flies. Keeps have 2, Resources have 1. Each flag has a really tough set of 2 knight and 2 menders (healers). ALWAYS kill the stupid menders first while you cc the DPS.

Flags will start a counter to be captured/turned to your sides allegiance when you are standing within a very small range of them. More people, faster the tickover. Once the flag turns to your side, there is a 2nd counter that awards you AP for the achievement, and resets the allegiance of all NPCs. It is possible in this manner to sulk on a flag with a tank and a high level combat medic and just wait for all the guys trying to murder you to suddenly decide your not so bad after all and bring your slippers and a glass of champers instead.

>how npcs work!!!
>resources ^
>points system...personal / campaign / group
>map markers
This is a bad thing. Avoid all unnecessary NPC encounters, and dont do ANY other quests with your Non-Vet toon. When you hit V1, next login you are locked out.
other stuff, this is just here to inspire me to writ this all up. The Second you hit Level 10, i suggest you ONLY do quests that award SP until you are at 15, this is the time to enter Cyrodiil, although I've always come in at 10 coz im excitable.
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