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This document, as most in this section are, is evolving as i become inspired and/or have time, so im putting down main points and will come back and add every now an then.

There are two and really only 2 ways to fight PvP in Cyrodiil. Become one with the Zerg, or be a lone contendender.

Lets cover the lone wolf syndrome first, as most aspects are applicable when moving with a group, better known after the phrase coined from Blizzards wonderful breakout RTS Starcraft from the 2010 > when men were men and sheep were scared.


Lets presume you are geared, and lets presume you understand your toon and the rotations that keep your energy (stam/mana) pool up. The first and most important pair of devices many dont use are >>> BLOCKING and CROWD CONTROL

BLOCKING >>> Practice in PvE wont help you as there are seldom warnings and long windups to attacks in PvP by an opponent, basically you usually don't have a clue what he's up to next. Use your block as often as your stamina allows, and if you're Mana based you can even go so far as repeatedly shield bashing, or interrupting your opponent at times. If you CAN time a block though, with a lucky combination of decent ping/lag you're gonna be alive a LOT longer than the rest of us. Just dont get caught in the bash bash bash trap many do is my point here.

MOVING >>> Dont ever ever stand still! Never stop moving! Even though there is a target lock system in place for TESO, AoE still hits only one spot, and mDPS (Melee Damage) need to actually be in range of you to bash you....

CROWD CONTROL >>> Referred to as CC, all classes have an ability like this but many dont use it for various reasons of stupidity. This essentially "freezes" your opponent, and forces them to "break free", there is a CP skill line that almost negates cc, but they still have to break free. Use CCjust before you drop an ability with a warmup period or if you need to get the hell outa there.

STEALTH >>> It cant be overstated enough, attack from the shadows, and fade back into it. This applies for all aspects of Cyrodiil, NEVER NEVER stand around unstealthed, if you're not on your horse, you are stealthed. If you're not IN combat, you are stealthed. If you're not dead, its BECAUSE you are stealthed. Stay fucking stealthed goddamit.

DODGE ROLL >>> All classes can do it, many don't understand its true usefulness. This is a block and an escape, HOWEVER unless you're a Nightblade with a dodgeroll skill line or similar, its going to chew your stamina. Be wary of this.

USING TOPOGRAPHY / OBJECTS >>> High ground is the classic battle position in any form of warfare, be it a fighter jet or a foot soldier covered in Heavy Armor, and in TESO it works doubly so for a few main reasons. First is your siege weapons have further reach and their Area of Effect (AoE) is broader. Secondly you have a better view of what, who and where things are. Attacking down a hill also will give your opponent a psychological disadvantage which really shouldn't be scoffed at even in a "game".

Moving on top of a large rock or even a building with a ranged attack, clearly makes it almost impossible for melee enemies to get at you. It also gives you options for escape if needs be. Same with running AROUND such an object, it will thin out any chasers, I have seen a single (admittedly CP heavy in the pre patch days) Banana running around a rock with 2 FULL raids chasing him for about 5 minutes while in the background Sejanus was busy falling. If I wasn't so livid at the time, it would've been funny.

POTIONS and FOOD >>> These are buffs that come in two formats. Short high affect, and long term low buffing. Try to get hold of purple food that lasts 2 hours, and boosts your primary stats, that 15% extra really counts out in the wild. Get a mod that alerts you when the thing has run out too. A few times I've been completely perplexed as to why i'm running out of Stamina so fast, only to twig an hour later my buff is gone!

Potions are slottable in your quickslots and have about a 1 minute cooldown period. When gobbled you get an instant effect on yourself and sometimes immediate teamates plus a short boost over usually about 15 seconds. I usually use a mana or stam potion for long battles that will invariably see me drained when things are critical, but theres a lot to be said for having a health potion that can suddenly boost your health back up to 50% from 10%....

Use the quickwheel slot for this and prep it before battle. I've often placed a bloody siege by mistake when i intended to gobble a potion, hehehe ;)

^^^ Work in progress


ZERG >>> Basically the more of you there are the less you are gonna die. The most important aspect is to allow the be a zerg! STAY WITH THE GROUP! <<ALWAYS>> be aware of your surroundings and where the enemy is in relation to your comrades. Also try to glance at Chat as often as is possible for any new orders.

You have healers, tanks and dps. TANKS should always be the first into battle, allow them to be the focus of all incoming damage, while the DPS whittles away at them and the HEALERS are in a protected ring, or further back and out of the battle. HEALERS should ONLY ever be involved in DPS when they are cornered and alone, this is when they drop a cc or any ability that stuns and gets the hells outa there. Having said this, if all members are above 75% health, are buffed/shielded by your healer abilities, then go nuts adding DPS.

HEALERS should also use cover as much as possible, stand to the SIDE of the keep door for example, as your battle brothers and sisters swarm the breach, or find a soft rock to lurk behind while in the field, or even on top of. It cant be stressed you are SUPPORT not full assault, your DPS is only ever added in extreme circumstances be it extremely quiet or extremely fucked.

rDPS, Ranged Damage such as Templars and Bowmen should cant count the times ive seen a guy using a bow at point blank only to go splat. Sounds obvious, but, when in battle things more very quickly, make sure you keep moving too!

mDPS you have one of the most dangerous roles, if you have zero ranged attacks, you'll obviously need to be in the fray permanently, use buffs as much as you can and remember you'll be drawing most of the fire, therefore consider working on cc's, buffs, shields and aoe damage with low stam usage and block and dodge roll more than you would under other circumstances when zerging, as youre rDPS and healers will basically have your back. You'll be doing less killing and more drawing fire tank style regardless of whether youre speced as a tank, primarily because you'll be in range! Exception is ofc nightblades who can hit and fade out.

LISTEN AND FOLLOW THE CROWN If you take only one thing from this aricle, this should be it. The amount of times i've hurled myself into battel to turn around and discover half of my group ahve fucked off to the other side of the map for stuffign shard, or are busy beating up a wolf under a tree, or are valiantly sieging a wall the other side of the breached castle, well, its madening and just gets everybody dead. STAY WITH CROWN unless specifically instructed to, or you have been assigned to sweeper or scout roles.

READ CHAT consider installing pChat or similar, and making the group leader's text a differnet colour, as well as turning off all other guild and zone chats while in a big battle. Leader and group member input is critical if you are not using a VOIP and you need to train yourself to glance at your text input as often as possible.

W*O*R*K* in Progress >>
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