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Ok guys, we all love Blackwater Blade, how do we stay in there as long as possible without leveling out?

Avoid XP like the plague, thats how ;)

The biggest problem I've found is the "Dailies" essentially the quests to take a scroll/keep/resource or Kill 20 xxx or Scout or capture a scroll. These give much desired Alliance Points (AP), but also dreaded Experience Points (XP). My advice is to avoid them in their entirety. The 200-1000 AP you gain does not compare to your XP bar suddenly going from Level 30.0 - 30.7 in one group of hand ins. I've gained 2 levels in an hour of PvP just handing in a few of those quests.

The co-winner for most annoying source of XP is NPCs. Two huge things here, first....DONT ATTACK GUARDS you dont need to!!! At resources only 7 should die, 4 on the flag, 2 on Tower steps and the tower mage guard. THATS IT!!! If any others get agroed, you can safely let them bash you because 20 seconds after the flag drops, they convert to your side...

During Keep sieges the same applies, for pities sake don't go running around "clearing" the NPC's, this not only opens you to attack from a real threat > a player who ganks you while youre engaging in NPC warfare but it pulls you from your station you XP!

When in the wild, you basically should always run from anything you agro. If you decide to do a delve, run the entire way to the SkyShard (the only reason you'd be in there) pulling mobs, you can actually even choose to die, then res again with a soulgem, or usually the 50 odd will become like 4-6 which you can dispatch with low XP gain.

DOLMENS have the exception to the rule as they provide incredibly worthy Coldfire Sieges, and, if you do them in a large enough group, minimal XP after its been spread, HOWEVER > you can hold back out of range so the kills don't affect you until the boss arrives and just saunter in for that kill. Wont make you very popular though so don't tell anybody i said that.

Now, not gaining XP will will clearly result in your toon not growing, so, to counter that you need to do three things >>>

SKYSHARDS (Non-Delve) >>> Go on a hunt with guildmates, I will be organising runs but feel free to take the initiative and put a run on the calendar yourself.

SKILL BOOKS >>> Read everything everywhere, Cyrodiil alone has at least 30 SP's in books in churches.

SKILL POINT QUESTS >>> Once you are 5 levels over a quest or NPC level, you dont get the XP associated with it. Google or use the MOD that points to them and go find the quests that reward SP's
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