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Okay guys. As some of you may know, one of my characters is a frequent visitor to Cyrodil. Usually to be found in some scouting capacity, unless a decent group is up. At some point I'd like to start leading my own, but... I need a little advice. Eg. best tactics, how to bully people nicely etc. Any thoughts?
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34 Posts << start here dammit

Get your group together preferably starting with proven players such as most of the guild, if and when they actually there. And please for pities sake, as you find keen active players, get them involved in Storm! I'm not there coz I cant afford data for now, so its up to ALL of you! ;p

Ok so your group will form up pretty quickly, but youre gonna find 3 major things out really quickly about your pets. The first is which actually want to be in a group and which just want the "free" AP from having other people kill for them, namely people who can follow the crown. And the second is that you will invariably no matter which campaign have people of varying skill levels and finally everybody will be a critic. Especially when you've been zerged by 50 DC coz some cunt didnt stealth, now this is all your fault, ofc.

Right so....

How to deal with non-crown orientated people

Firstly, with all your orders and ideas, be firm on your decision, and do what you said you would. Fullstop. If you have people not following Rally's (SHIFT-CLICK on map to set) and wandering off to other locations, be they shards or where THEY think they should be, expecially if they shouting for the group to come with, you warn once, if they dont come right in 5mins, boot. Dont warn again, and dont discuss it further in Zone when they rant, apart from saying "you didnt want to follow crown, so you dont want a group obviously" and leave it at that.

To avoid this happening in the first place, be clear with everything you do, and DONT let your group get strung out. ALWAYS use rallies, even if going from keep to resource. And place rallies in baby steps, not leaving Chal put a marker on Warden and hope for the best. You set it at the gate, then East of Blkrs, then north, then actross the way towards the lake, then up near the bridges, then in the valley, then north of lumber, then north of warden then warden. And you wait on each until all together. Some people are running or horse level 10, others on 60....

So thats how you move them around, also let people know your basic plans. So if Chal is UA, and youre all at Kings, its "DEF CHAL > ARRIUS > RALLY LUMBER > GO GO GO!" like that, get them mostly there then ride like the clappers. Thing about sending peopel for defence, is often they'll get picked off on the way, or die instantly as they enter the door, or arrive then go the wrong way or something. So defence needs to be treated as cohesively as an assault, with the exception that you dont need ENTIRE group together, just roughly as many as can be lumped, I've often sent my guys ahead of ME coz I couldnt get to rally fast enough....


Remember you have varying degrees of skill, and understanding unless all vetted Guild Members

Critical to be clear and ASK if they all get what youre saying. Many wont know how or where to buy or even place sieges. Most wont know what BRK is either for example.

So be clear with markers, check on your group and try to guide and teach as you go along.

Critics are plentiful, help and offers to do what you're doing = ZERO

Fuck em if they moan, boot them. If people suggest things, ofc listen, but youre the one taking the stress of leading, and yeah ofc youre gonna make the odd bad call, but they dont need to know you agree it was a shit idea to abandon Chal defence to take Dragon quickly. NEVER allow discord amongst your pets, next thing you know nobody is having fun coz nobody listens.

Accept failures in your stride, point out ways to improve, do youre best to keep calm and make it all fun. Got zerged waiting to start a siege? Laugh about it and tell the idiot who used the /drum emote that guess what, it makes a sound. Like a drum. Ever heard a drum coming from an empty patch of snow? No? Well thats because PEOPLE DONT DRUM WHILE STEALTHED YOU FOOL! Cough. Like that.


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