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Hear ye! Hear ye! Lest it be said that our ruler hath no roolz, I now proclaim in the name of the righteous and clamorous Queen Pammie, regulations and guidelines for all her loyal subjects to beheld. May ye who obeyeth not be struck down by a thousand lightning bolts and never have a pair of socks that dont keep falling down.


1.     Dont be a cunt.

The are numerous ways to avoid being one, try them all. This includes – Not telling Pam she is pretty at least once a day <cunty. – Not pitching up for organised events <cunty. –Being racist, derogatory, condescending, abusive or otherwise irritating in chat. And fucking NO, putting goddamlol” behind a shitty comment does NOT make it ok. It makes it...<cunty – Not following group leaders requests <cunty – Not having fun and being awesome <extremely cunty


2.     Check website daily, provide input if necessary.

The only way we going to keep this guild going in the manner it was created, good players with a fun sense of comraderie > is through constant communication and feedback. Like when I’m on Crown, input ALWAYS appreciated and in fact desired, but I will be using my gut and experience with management and people, along with a discussion with you guys, to make final decisions.

3.     Guildbank > Use it don’t abuse it

Dump green items or whatever, with traits you have researched already in the GB, take out ones you need. Simple. I have been hurling Food mats in, as i don’t really craft that, so if you have excess, feal free to help. TAKE as much as you want also, just dump something later is all. WE ALL have had excess stuff in our inventory, DONT bloody hurl in absolute rubbish. Also > if adding something that has a stack already, please remove that item stack STACK THEM in YOUR inventory > then return to GB. The fucking thing doesn’t stack IN the GB. Graaa.