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(Feb 10, 2017) yaaaa....USD300 for 119 blank pages....and one....with a hand!
(Nov 22, 2016)
dont know what to do with this anymore, all the old original guys all turned out to be completely useless, and the only people willing to help dont actually have the skillsets. Fuck this.
(Oct 06, 2016)
2 days for ONE TAMRIEL Update, and now no toons. that doesnt help, it never changes! Stared at screen 2 hours now.
(Sep 18, 2016)
Yupyupyup! I'm in and running around, talking with senior members and officers about some excited new revamping and organising! RED MAP GUYS!!!
(Sep 15, 2016)
Still no data.
(Sep 12, 2016)
Still cant get a decent internet connection, some of you saw me yesterday for a bit before i lost comms. I'm working on it!
(Sep 06, 2016)
Alliance War General You will no longer be able to jump from the outer wall sections into or on top of an Inner Keep. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
(Aug 20, 2016)
I got no internet, so mch for getting Cyrodiil groups up and running ;(((
(Jul 27, 2016)
Having multiple fits. And nobody seems to be noticing...grrr
(Jun 12, 2016)
Cool sneaky effective way of FARMING SOULGEMS >>>
(May 21, 2016) < add StormQueenPammie!!!
(May 06, 2016)
Welcome Lis :D