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Manakeep 728x90
(May 06, 2016)
(May 06, 2016)
Hey ho i'm here finally!! Don't know why it took me that long lol...This is Lismon by the way..i signed as Ermioni which is my real name :)
(Apr 29, 2016)
Decreasing the duration of all damage shields to 6 seconds !! FUUUUUUUK
(Apr 29, 2016)
lol papa roach, that takes me back some :P
(Apr 27, 2016)
huge ongoing discussion started, ideas to keep beign awesome! OFFICER CHAT
(Apr 24, 2016)
worksfine by me, the things that SHOULD be account wide, like inventory and mount traing arent, so maybe good step to remove the things that SHOULDNT be account toon levleing!
(Apr 22, 2016)
im just concerned now if cp will be account wide still, wouldnt make much sence for them to be now?
(Apr 20, 2016)
NICE work all of you! Fantastic results on leaderboard by all! Shaky start non-vet this week, but it is only started!
(Apr 17, 2016)
Welcome new warriors!!
(Apr 14, 2016)
wee grats :) we'll make an emp outa you yet!
(Apr 13, 2016)
That should be fixed now, there was a post on the forum about it :)
(Apr 13, 2016)
ONLY lets me login with eso64.exe now???
(Apr 13, 2016)
after stupid update, im getting login timeout. Only me?
(Apr 11, 2016) Back To Tamriel :D
(Apr 10, 2016)
MURDER SCHOOL >> edits and updates